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Increasing Competitive Advantage
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A key part of what we offer our client base is the distillation of the reading and research we do on new ideas, products and technologies that can help you increase your competitive advantage. These ideas are many and varied, characterised by the fact that when we first spot them, we have an ‘Aha!’ moment. As early adopters of new technology and ideas ourselves, we have both the theoretical understanding and practical experience.

As Mary Ann Allison, our New York partner says “We combine rigorous theory and up to the minute research with ‘skinned knees’ experience (we’ve done it for real !…..).

What’s exciting us at the moment?

It’s looking at applying the concepts and principles of Complexity Science and Chaos Theory seen in complex adaptive systems in Nature (like a shoal of fish) to the complex adaptive systems that are the organisations we work with every day ....

How would it be if your organisation didn’t have to be coaxed, prodded and shoved along the road to success, but was able to respond to market place needs with the instant response and swooping elegance of a flock of starlings?

Insight - the ‘Aha!’ moment of creativity ...

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