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The Insights Discovery Profile

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Sheila Browning is a licensed NLP Practitioner, and is fully accredited to carry out Insights Discovery Personal and Team Development psychometric profiling. The inspirational Insights Discovery System celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and illustrates the exceptional ways in which recognising and valuing these differences can empower people, teams and entire organisations.

Icaem Insight partners with Insights Learning and Development because we believe that the Discovery Profile is the most accurate and dynamic personal profile in the world, and the best possible tool for assisting individuals in their search for understanding – both in terms of their personal style and in terms of managing their relationships with others, at work and at home. This leads naturally to ......

  • Better understanding of Self

  • Better understanding of Others

  • Learning how to Adapt and Connect with Others

  • Icaem Insight is an accredited Associate practitioner of the Insights Discovery system, offering the full range of Insights materials and services in support of our clients' development; the springboard to which is the Insights Discovery Personal Profile Foundation Chapter.

    Click here to learn more (PDF file 391kb). (Get Adobe Reader by clicking on the logo at the foot of this page.)

    In Addition to the Foundation Chapter, the most often used chapters are:
  • The Management Chapter

  • The Effective Selling Chapter

  • The Personal Achievement Chapter

  • All of these chapters are available in 25 languages
    Click here for an example of the Foundation and Management Chapters (PDF file 305kb)

    If you want to have your profile created, contact Sheila Browning by filling in the form HERE

    Get Adobe Reader (PDF file format requires Adobe Reader).

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