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Increasing Competitive Advantage
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Increasing Competitive Advantage

Here are some of the projects we have been involved in across the UK, Europe and North America USA since 1988.

Top Team Coaching
Working with the Top Team to identify their job profiles and the key competences and behaviours that would increase Key Results. Coaching the individuals round their Insights Discovery Personality Profiles and working with the team to build on their strengths. This project resulted in an increase in turnover of 6%. Morale and motivation were also significantly improved.

Coaching and mentoring of new directors
The new team were able to operate quickly, effectively and harmoniously, at a strategic level.

Improved the service to external customers by improving the relationships of internal customers Increased customer satisfaction resulting in increased orders and market share.

Facilitated and coached in-house problem solving teams to reduce energy usage in a small SME Resulted in a saving per annum of 11% on energy bills amounting to £12,500 per annum and an additional £1,900 savings per annum on man hours and coolant.

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