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Information and additional links on The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook and associated texts   While The Fifth Discipline laid out the principles particularly applicable to long-term organizational improvement, the Fieldbook was meant to answer the question "What should we do differently when we go to work on Monday morning?"

Appreciative Inquiry and the Quest - A new theory and methodology of human development   Appreciative inquiry is about seeing what others may not see. It's about heightening our awareness of the value, strength, and potential of ourselves and others -- and overcoming the limits that we impose, often unconsciously, on our own capacities. Most of us have had glimpses of these possibilities. And yet, the pervasive "background music" of our culture seems to draw us all into a chorus of hopelessness, irony and negativity.

Some fun for the visual processors among you!   Optical illusions of various kinds to confuse and amuse you .......

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